Pasted Graphic 36VoipOneClick is an open source application to make FREE ENCRYPTED VOIP calls.

Pasted Graphic 35It does use the TLS protocol to encrypt the information call (caller id /called id), and the SRTP protocol to encrypt the audio communication.

Pasted Graphic 34VoipOneClick allows to dial and receive mobile voice calls that cannot be intercepted.

Pasted Graphic 33It is the only encryption application that guarantees high voice quality without delay even when it is used on mobile networks 3g/Umts.

Pasted Graphic 32VoipOneClick works on every wifi/mobile 3g/satellite and everywhere there is an internet connection.

Pasted Graphic 31The application will be ready to be used just after the download without any configuration or registration.

Pasted Graphic 30To make encrypted calls both parties should use VoipOneClick but you can make calls with improved privacy even to normal phone numbers.

Pasted Graphic 30It works even when the Voip is banned from local internet provider if used together with our VPN service VpnOneClick (http://www.vpnoneclick.com).

Actually it’s available for iPhone/Ipad (from ios 4.x), any phone/tablet using Android Operating System 2.3.3 up to 4.x , and for Windows (Xp,Vista,7 and 8). Furthermore the versions for Blackberry/ Mac/ Linux are under active development.

The Main Screen on iPhone:

The Main Screen on i Android:

Pasted Graphic

The main screen on Windows:
Voip One Click on Windows 7

Pasted Graphic 30For any more information you can talk with us on our: